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The Maccabees

The Maccabees

There’s not a lot you can buy for £10 nowdays. Infact, you’d be hard pushed to find an album for less than £12. Tonight however, just ten british pounds can buy you one of the experiences of a lifetime. Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, here come The Maccabees.

Gracing the stage amidst smoke and green flashes of light, flicking out into every corner of the darkened venue, it is clear to see that despite the dreary autumnal weather outside, inside Exeter’s Lemon Grove tonight, something very special is about to happen. Ripping into a fantastic new song with more likeness to bands such as Joy Division than their peers Good Shoes, the awestruck audience stares adoringly at the stage, gazing into the eyes of their new favourite band. X-Ray blasts through the crackly amps, reminding the few doubters just why they are there in the first place.

Despite the now show just under two weeks ago, the Brighton based band seem tighter than ever. Felix and Hugo’s guitars clash and cut through Orlando Week’s yelpy vocals, whilst Rob’s tight drum beats and Rupert’s intricate basslines complete the bands glittering artrock masterpieces. Songs such as ‘Tissue Shoulders’ and ‘Lego’ send their army of obsessives wild, as gatherings of over-excited teens dance ecstatically to their golden slices of perfect indie pop.

“This is Precious Time!” Orlando Weeks declares to the more than sweaty audience, who are all to happy to bop along to the indie single of the year. The frontmans jerky dance moves send the crowd wild, as guitarist Felix White pulls shapes to his clan of adoring fans, screaming as the guitarist spins and skips around the stage. Leaving the stage for the first time this evening, The Maccabees have outdone themselves.

As the crowd cries “we want more!”, the triumphant group return to the stage, tearing into ‘Happy Faces’ as the worn out crowd follow suit and give it their all, jumping crazily to The Maccabees’ charm. “This is your last chance Exeter, fucking sing it!” adresses Felix White as they unleash ‘First Love’, with its intricate, delicate riffs echoing through the venue. It may be murky outside, but tonight The Maccabees are shining like the sun.

Money well spent.

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